Eric Coll and Sergio Ibañez founded the studio in the spring of 2008 after having worked extensively in the design and art direction teams of publishing groups, and having gained extensive experience as independent designers. The size and nature of our infrastructure allows us to provide a direct, flexible and personalised service that meets the needs of each project.

At Setanta we work with and for individual entrepreneurs, small organisations like ours, and companies and institutions. We cover various disciplines, from communication to identity, and we specialise in editorial design.

Editorial — We are passionate about working on the creation of publications, new labels and editorial products, as well as updating existing magazines and collections. We provide advice during the initial stages of a project and then we guide it throughout its evolution: structuring the content and form, graphical resolution, production advice, and positioning. We work with the client until the project is finalised and we provide support throughout the implementation phase.

Communication — From our experience as a studio and as professionals, we have learnt that self-sufficiency is a positive asset when the details of a project require it. However, it is also inspiring to collaborate with other professionals who are aiming for uniqueness and who will help us to deliver the most optimal solutions.

Identity — When building a graphic sign or system we start with a clear goal: to emphasise the intrinsic values of the project while enhancing its individuality through the creative process. In order to ensure that each one is unique, we capitalise on our experience from other projects and adapt our solutions to provide maximum coverage for the media and platforms that are most essential today.